Your party date is getting closer and closer, you’ve invited the guests, you’ve chosen the food, the theme, your light up letters is all good to go but now you are panicked at being the host! Panic not my friends as we have laid out the 5 ways to be the best host...ever!

1.Keep calm, cool and collected no matter what happens. Above all, you want to be a warm and confident host, someone who shows that nothing is a problem. Your guests shouldn't feel for a minute like they're stressing you out or else they will start to feel stressed as well which is such a vibe killer! Drinks will spill, conversation will occasionally stall, and food may run out. That's fine! Just stay friendly and welcoming the entire time, helping your guests feel at home.

2.Greet each guest individually as they arrive. Set the tone of the party with a warm greeting giving a huge smile as you open the door and stepping back immediately to let them in. Offer to take coats or jackets and direct them to the right room. It is usually best to let any guests who haven't been over before know where they can get a drink or some food, and point out where they can freshen up. If you can, take some time to talk and converse. If you're cooking or moving around a lot, lead them into the party, hand them a drink, and excuse yourself with a smile.

3. Spend some time with each guest! You are the host they have come to see you so you need to make time. Once the party is in full swing talk with each guest, if you have not met them before use a common ground to get things started...what do you do? Where do you live? Etc. Find ways to engage shyer guests by introducing one another and leading a topic of conversation. Once there is a flow, excuse yourself giving you the chance to make your way to other guests to keep people engaged and happy.

4. Adapt to the party as it evolves. The key here is observation. It is your duty to make sure the party is what you want it to be and that your guests are getting a bit of what they love in a party too. Some people may love dancing, loud music and drinking and others may enjoy sitting and talking in intimate conversations. Make sure there is room for everything! Set up a seating area away from the dance floor so they can engage. Set the volume of music so it does not drown out the quests talking but loud enough for the dancers. Make sure the dance floor is in a spot where people can let go and feel free to move to the beat!

5. Clean up the next day.

There is nothing worse than being a guest at a party and watching your host scrambling around collecting glasses and mopping up spills while you are still trying to have fun. It makes you feel awkward and that you should be doing something to help. It can also give the vibe that the party is over which unless you want the party to be over ...don’t do it!

Set the party up with bins dotted around for your guests to deposit their empty bottles or dirty plates. For any major spills give your guests the chance to tend to it by leaving paper towels out, they don’t want to be running after you to tell you they have spilt something they’d rather you didn’t know! Being a host always has its stressful moments but it would be a tragedy to put all that hard work in and not enjoy your party…. Cleaning can wait till tomorrow!