Creating a seating plan that works for any kind of wedding/event can be extremely difficult! Below, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of the different seating styles.

Round Tables

Pros: If one person doesn't arrive, it is easy to move a chair out and the table still ‘flow’. Likewise, these tables make it easier to accommodate all of your guests.

Cons: Round tables are a classic design, if you're hosting a more modern wedding/event  then they might not fit in. On these tables, centerpieces can also often block conversation between the two sides of it.  

Rectangular Tables

Pros: Compared to round tables, rectangular tables make your wedding/event feel a lot more intimate.

Cons: The ‘conversation flow’ is harder in comparison to round tables, and if someone doesn't turn up then it will be more obvious than with other shaped tables.

Kids’ Tables

Pros: With the children all in one place. The adults will be able to relax, make friends and enjoy the night!

Cons: Without an adult to mind the children, things might get out of hand… surprisingly quickly!