Congratulations! You’ve recently got engaged!

But planning your dream wedding can be a daunting and often stressful time. It’s hard to know where to start; the venue, the guest list, the caterers, the flowers and most importantly where to put your light up letters?! :)

We want you to enjoy your engagement and have created our ‘20 top tips for planning a wedding’ to take all that stress away.


  1. Create a wedding folder. This is by far our most important tip. With so much going on it’s vital that you keep everything organised in one place whether that’s digital or physical.

  2. Work out your budget. Not only should you work out your budget, but you should consider where you want to spend it.You don’t want to spend all the money on your venue, leaving yourself with spare change to fund your entertainment and lighting.  

  3. Start your guest list. Once you know how many people you wish to invite, it’ll make it a lot easier to choose a suitable venue.

  4. Reserve your venue/s. Venues get booked up quickly, get in early to secure your chosen date! It’s also important to consider whether the ceremony and reception will take place in the same, or separate, locations.

  5. Begin to research photographers, florists & caterers. You don’t have to contact them straight away, but it’s always reassuring to know what’s available. You can keep the details of your preferred suppliers in your wedding folder until you need to contact them.  

  6. Hire your caterers and entertainment. Now that you’ve had some time to consider your options, start to reserve your caterers, florists, photographers and your chosen evening entertainment - Vivid Letters Illuminated words give photos that extra special touch.

  7. Buy your wedding dress! Now that you know your guests will be fed and entertained, it’s time to focus on you! It’s important to schedule a time for your fitting.

  8. Create and send out your invitations. Now you have a venue and a dress, your wedding will feel more real. It’s time to send out your invitations. Sending these out early will ensure that all your guests can ‘save the date’.

  9. Start planning your honeymoon. Now the hard part’s over, you have a dress, a venue, light up giant letters, caterers, flowers and guests. It’s time to start planning your honeymoon.

  10. Shop for bridesmaids dresses. This should be done approximately 6 months before the wedding to allow for the dresses to be ordered and sized.

  11. Arrange transportation. You should now arrange transportation for yourself, and if your ceremony is in a separate location to the reception then you should consider how all of your guests will transfer from one location to the next.

  12. Order the cake! Remember to organise tastings before committing to any baker.

  13. Arrange hair & makeup artists. Your should try a few appointments before committing to any one expert.

  14. Choose your music, flowers and menu. You’ve already reserved your entertainment, your giant illuminated letters, florist and caterers but now is the time to let them know what you want. At this point you should also order favours.

  15. Choose your readings. Now you’ll have organised the reception, it’s time to organise the ceremony!

  16. Purchase the rings! This leaves you time for resizing nearer to your wedding day.

  17. Check your RSVP’s! It’s important to let your venue and caterers know how many people will be attending

  18. Create your seating plan. This can often be stressful. We’ve dedicated a whole other blog post to this process.  

  19. Book a spa treatment! There is now nothing else to plan, your whole wedding day is sorted! Treat yourself to a spa day!

  20. Now, pack for your honeymoon

… and enjoy your wedding day!