Light up letters have been really popular for a couple of years now and they look set to continue being a big hit for wedding ideas and on the event scene for years to come. 

Letter options

It’s easy to see why our giant illuminated letters are in so much demand! Light up words can create the perfect wedding backdrop adding that touch of sparkle on the dance floor and in photos. Our light up LOVE and MR&MRS letters are made in the UK from wood with a beautiful white gloss finish and economically lit up by LED lights. They are freestanding meaning you have more choice of where you put them in your venue - perfect for that romantic wedding lighting!

Whilst making your choices why not look to add an even more personal touch with your light up letters and use yours and your partner’s initials.  E&L, R&S or whatever it may be, would add an enchanting personal touch to your wedding photos creating a "stand out from the crowd" album.

Where to put your letters

Location for this kind of wedding lighting is key as you want them to make the right impact – creating the wow factor. Once you've checked the sizes of the letters (let us know if you need individual letter dimensions) you can work out the perfect spot for them. They could create an amazing impact when your guest first arrive at the reception venue. Keep in mind they are a photo must for you and your guests so having them on the dance floor next to the band is a great place. We would always suggest having them up against a wall or backdrop as the fronts definitely look better than the backs! Up against the wall whilst everyone is up dancing and having so much fun gives your photographer the opportunity to create natural images of joy and laughter.

If your venue has a stage why not create a romantic backdrop declaring your love and commitment for one another with the light up words "love" or "Mr and Mrs" - another fantastic photo opportunity for when the speeches are happening or handing out your gifts to the mother in laws.

If you're looking to add that perfect wedding backdrop with a company who will deliver, set up and collect without you having to do anything except say where they go, then get in touch to discuss these great light up letters for hire.